This time has brought us all a greater appreciation for our colleagues and, of course, our clients. Here at Landco, it also got us thinking about our new definition of “working” and how we can help.

Many of us are trying to be productive while juggling being parents and respectful partners. Unfortunately, we’re getting stuck in basement bunkers, awkward attics and not-so-spacious spare bedrooms…which isn’t doing much for morale or productivity.

That’s why we created REMOTivate, a new service from Landco to help make these new remote home “offices,” well, a little less home…and a little more office.

As an employer, REMOTivate can help you put a little pride—along with productivity—back in your employees’ home workspaces. We can work together to make them feel good about “going to work” again in a space that’s more magnificent than makeshift – a safe, professional and productive environment, with potential rent savings and tax deductions.

With the options below, we can transform any space with a choice of pre-bundled packages or individual items – at a variety of price points! From a height-adjustable desk and lighting, to handyman tasks like adding a door to an existing room, installing acoustic sound control panels, mobile file cabinets, or even minor electrical outlets and a ceiling fan!

Let our REMOTivate team help turn a remote home office from makeshift to magnificent.

Call us today at 314-275-7400.

Furniture Electrical Specialties Equipment Construction
Furniture Electrical Specialties Equipment Construction

Stationary or height-adjustable desk

Task Lighting

Tack board


Added Doors

Desk Chairs

Can lights


Ergonomic keyboards



Quad outlet

Background screen for online calls



Mobile file cabinets

Ceiling fan

Acoustic sound-absorbing panels

Surge protector



Data outlet


Office buildout


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