BJC Healthcare – Linear Accelerator/Tomo Therapy Additions

To provide the highest level of care and the newest technology to treat cancer patients, BJC Healthcare hired LANDCO to perform a renovation of two existing vaults.

The design included demolishing two existing vaults, one of which housed an existing linear accelerator. Once demolition was completed, new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems were installed to support the Varian Linear Accelerator and the Tomo Therapy HiArt System.

The location of the project required that the construction activities did not interfere with the daily treatment of patients in the adjacent areas. this included coordination of material deliveries, implementation of infection control techniques and multiple shifts for the trades. Throughout the project, LANDCO worked with the equipment manufacturers, architects, engineers, clinical engineering and the Oncology Department to ensure that the proper specifications were followed in the field and to coordinate delivery of the new equipment.