Mueller Prost, P.C. – Corporate Office

A full redesign and renovation of Mueller Prost’s 12,000 SF office located in Clayton has proven to move from a traditional office space where private offices lined the perimeter of the space to a much improved workplace and give the benefit of daylight to all employees.

LANDCO constructed new interior offices around the core of the building with full glass fronts with sliding glass doors while lower paneled work stations with glass upper wall panel dividers allow natural daylight to penetrate to the majority of the associates and encourage connection and collaboration among the employees.

The front lobby includes a sophisticated and classic palette and provides multiple conference rooms, so it is easy to meet with clients and provide privacy and security for the employee work space.  The café area is by far the most popular gathering spot for employees to relax and collaborate.

Throughout the workspace, the corporate colors are used in the design to reflect the company’s brand.