LANDCO Construction 
Receives WBE Certification!

LANDCO Construction is thrilled to announce we’ve been awarded Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) status by the State of Missouri.

A premier, St. Louis-based construction management and interior construction company, LANDCO is proud to join the growing number of WBE firms fostering diversity and helping corporations reach their contract obligations.

A company must be at least 51% woman-owned to achieve WBE certification. This requirement was surpassed when our president, Linda Bernhard, purchased the firm from former CEO, Ron Landolt, to make LANDCO 100% woman-owned!

“This is a huge step for our company. WBE certification will help us build opportunities with our current clients while also creating some exciting growth possibilities,” said Bernhard.

LANDCO was established in 2001 and we’re firmly dedicated to creating new strategies for our growth through exceptional, unmatched client satisfaction.

Linda Bernhard